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Women & Teens: GIRLS ON GUARD

Realistic, practical, scenario based training! Taught in a 3-1/2 hour format,this full contact class is for women and teens, 6th grade to adult. The PlayItSafe basic self-defense material is taught along with full-contact responses against instructors wearing special protective suits. “GIRLS ON GUARD” also focuses on the most common sexual assault scenarios. Students are specifically taught to avoid a man’s strengths while employing their own unique strengths against a man’s weakest targets. In addition, college safety will be discussed in all “Girls On Guard” classes when applicable to that specific audience.

Children’s “Play It Safe” Class

“Play It Safe Defense” for children, 6-11 years: Kids learn by having fun and role-playing with a “mock” bully and stranger. Children learn verbal and physical defense, including how to deal with “friendship drama” and stranger awareness. Students will also receive, self defense training, valuable reference materials to take home and an “Awareness Certificate.” Scouts receive an “Awareness” patch.

Play It Safe for Teens & Women – Basic

This class is for women and teens 11 years and older and is taught in a 2-1/2 hour format.

“Parent & Me” Class for Children

“Parent & Me” class for children, 4-6 years, or a savvy 3-1/2 year old. Parents take the class with their child and learn how to empower their children with self-protection skills that can be practiced at home. Verbal and physical skills are emphasized and taught in this 1-1/4 hour class. Families will receive valuable reference materials to take home and an “Awareness Award.”